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At Philtech, we understand the challenges and opportunities that the social sector faces in the digital era. That’s why we offer a range of services to help you optimize your use of technology, innovate your processes, and amplify your impact.

Whether you need a comprehensive digital transformation, a tailored marketing strategy, a user-friendly website, or a successful crowdfunding campaign, we got you covered.

We work closely with you to understand your needs, goals, and vision, and provide you with customized solutions that suit your organization. Contact us today to find out how we can help you grow and thrive in the digital age.

Lean Digital Transformation Model (LDTM)

The LDTM is a capacity-building process, providing a specific path for nonprofits to incorporate digital solutions into their operations while remaining closely integrated with the organization’s strategy. The LDTM is a ten-month process that is divided into four stages.


Philtech conducts an in-depth mapping of the organization's current circumstances, including its areas of focus, mission, impact, operations, and use of technology. The assessment includes a digital maturity assessment, an interactive design thinking workshop, and focused meetings.

Analysis and Strategic Recommendations

Philtech analyzes all data collected and creates a roadmap aligning processes, technology, growth opportunities, and organizational change-management plans.

Work Plan

Philtech transforms the roadmap into measurable action items and milestones that reflect progress. Through close collaboration with the organization, Philtech will recommend suitable digital tools to successfully execute the strategic plan and define KPIs.


Philtech works together with the organization to turn the work plan into reality by implementing and optimizing strategic tools and technological systems and providing thorough training.

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Digital Maturity Assessment

Philtech measures a variety of factors to assess the digital maturity of a nonprofit organization, including its digital infrastructure, processes, culture, and use of data-driven insights in decision-making processes. Philtech uses these metrics to evaluate the digital maturity of an organization within a custom scale, shedding light on the areas in which organizations can improve their operations and programs through digital transformation.

Organizational Knowledge Management

Clear and intuitive knowledge management systems allow staff to quickly and easily access the organizational knowledge and documentation they need to work efficiently. Philtech helps nonprofits streamline their work processes by implementing digital knowledge management systems, according to organizational needs.

CRM and Task Management Implementation

Philtech carefully selects the most suitable systems to meet organizational needs and guides nonprofits through the implementation process, providing custom training and best practices. In cases in which CRM and Task Management systems are already in use, Philtech provides expert guidance in customizing the system and offers training to ensure optimal usage within the organization.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are essential for nonprofits to manage their donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries, and play a key role in minimizing manual data entry. Philtech works closely with organizations to ensure their CRM system is user-friendly, integrates smoothly with other systems used, and thus facilitates their growth.

Task Management systems enable organizations to efficiently manage projects by dividing them into manageable tasks, traceable tasks and sub-tasks, while allocating responsibilities and deadlines, improving transparency and collaboration within the team. Through close collaboration, Philtech guides organizations in leveraging task management systems to optimize their efficiency.

UX/UI Website Analysis

Websites are an essential tool for organizations to showcase their mission, vision, activities, and impact to their audiences and stakeholders. Philtech conducts extensive, multi-faceted analyses of user experience and user interface, producing concrete, data-driven insights, and recommendations for nonprofits to enhance their website’s effectiveness. Philtech also guides and supports organizations through the process of updating their website.

Marketing Strategy Development

Effective marketing enables nonprofits to enhance visibility by telling their organizational narratives to wider audiences, reaching potential funders, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Philtech develops custom marketing strategies for nonprofits according to their goals and organizational identity, including social media, website content, SEO, email marketing, Google Ad Grants, print materials, content marketing including blogs and podcasts, crowdfunding campaigns, events, and digital communication.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Philtech leads nonprofits through ambassador-based crowdfunding campaigns, providing strategic guidance, project planning and management, and creative consulting. Not only do crowdfunding campaigns generate much-needed income - they are also an invaluable tool for organizations to broaden their reach, boost their visibility, raise awareness, engage with a wider audience, and cultivate new private donors.

Digital Analysis

The LDTM is a capacity-building process, providing a specific path for nonprofits to incorporate digital solutions into their operations while remaining closely integrated with the organization’s strategy. The LDTM is a ten-month process that is divided into four stages.

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