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In 2020, Shelly Tene Barkai, Philtech’s CEO and Co-Founder, was compelled to close the stark gap in digital infrastructure between the social and private sectors. With a wealth of experience in leadership positions in the fields of cross-industry marketing and digital technology, Shelly decided to focus her expertise on bringing nonprofit organizations forward into the digital age to deepen their impact through technology, innovation, and a fresh growth methodology. 

As the social sector evolves, an increasing number of philanthropists have become social investors looking to maximize their ROI, however, many nonprofit organizations lack the infrastructure to adapt to these changes. Philtech equips nonprofits with the knowledge, skills, and tools, to rise to the challenge and expand their impact.

Philtech additionally seeks to contribute to the fight against employee burnout in the social sector through digital transformation. Implementing efficient technological tools, and thoroughly training staff on how to use them, saves nonprofit staff from frustrating manual tasks and allows them to focus their efforts on what they do best.  

Philtech partners with Marom Group, an organization with over 15 years of experience in the global philanthropic arena, helping stakeholders expand their impact and maximize their performance with a focus on strategic consulting. 

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Shelly Tene Barkai

CEO & Co-Founder

Shelly is a digital, innovation, and marketing expert, dedicated to leveraging her skills to create impact and social change.

Throughout her career, Shelly has jumped headfirst into leadership positions in the fields of cross-industry marketing and digital technology both in Israel and abroad and has vast experience working with startups, political parties, educational institutions, retail companies, and financial businesses. Her last role before establishing Philtech was leading the large digital marketing and advertising agency Websem, one of Google’s leading partners in Israel. During her time at Websem, Shelly introduced entrepreneurial and innovative approaches and transformed its strategy, operations, and finance, resulting in significant organizational growth.

Shelly holds a BA in Behavioral Sciences & Management and an MA in Digital Culture from Tel Aviv University.

Shelly is married to Udi and is a mother to Amit, Dor, and Yuli. Shelly loves traveling with her family, sports, the beach, and the arts and is an avid bibliophile – usually reading three books at any given time.

Amit Marom


Amit is a social entrepreneur, passionate about making a difference in the world and promoting excellence and cross-sectoral collaboration among stakeholders in the social-financial arena.

Amit served for 14 years in a variety of command positions in the Israeli paratroopers’ brigade and was the Assistant to the Defense Attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC for two years. Amit then decided to make a career change and joined ELEM, a leading Israeli non-profit providing services to at-risk youth, spending two years as the International Development Director. In 2009, Amit founded Marom Group, a leading strategy consulting firm offering tailored and full-service philanthropic solutions, ensuring clients achieve a long-lasting impact with a clear definition of vision and mission, designing strategic plans, creating customized operational models, and leading implementation and monitoring and evaluation processes. Amit is the founder of the Marom Foundation, which supports social entrepreneurship worldwide, and also serves as a board member for a variety of nonprofits. 

Amit holds an MBA with a major in Finance, Marketing & Human Resources, and is currently completing his law degree.

Amit is married to Yafit and is a father to Tsur, Oz, and Yahav. In his free time, Amit is a triathlete, golfer, and enthusiastic book collector.

David Tabacman

Project Manager & Technology Expert

Throughout his career, David has held a variety of positions in technology companies specializing in systems, data, and innovative processes and methodologies. At the same time, David is passionate about social change and has been actively involved in the Argentinian youth movement Hejalutz Lamerjav since he was a child. At Philtech, David combines his two passions and uses his technological expertise to help the social sector expand its impact through innovation. 

David holds a BSc in Information Systems from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo.

David is a politics and economics enthusiast, music lover, and beach addict.

Gina Walker

Project Manager

Gina began her career in the technology sector, fulfilling content development, marketing, and research roles, while also volunteering at a variety of nonprofits assisting asylum-seekers. During a period of three years in the resettlement department of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, Gina gained expertise in working closely with refugees from diverse cultural backgrounds, including survivors of gender-based violence and members of the LGBTQ community, as well as effectively collaborating with an ecosystem of nonprofit, governmental, and international organizations. 

Gina holds a BA in Language and Culture from University College London and an MA in Global Migration and Policy from Tel Aviv University.

In her free time, Gina enjoys crafts and trips to the beach. Gina is also an animal lover and is passionate about animal rights.

Tamar Hakari

Philtech Academy Coordinator

Tamar, an expert in the field of education, works as a project manager at Marom Group and coordinates Philtech Academy. Tamar holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Hebrew Language from Ben Gurion University and has rich experience in both formal and informal Hebrew Language education, including five years teaching at a high school.

Manu Pruss

Branding and Web Design Consultant

With a razor-sharp eye for aesthetics and an unwavering passion for crafting compelling digital experiences, Manu is our trusted expert when it comes to elevating your organization’s online presence. Beyond design, Manu brings a strategic edge to branding, providing invaluable insights that help organizations leave a lasting impression in the digital world.

Noam Schawer

Automation Developer

Noam is an expert in business automation that will help your organization turn complex, manual projects into simple and efficient processes. This will free up your time for the things you love and that really matter! 
Noam holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and has a wealth of experience in the field of Information Systems.

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