Shelly Tene Barkai - Philtech, CEO & Co-Founder

Shelly is our digital, marketing, and innovation expert. 
She’s driven by the ambition to help companies grow and transform. 

Throughout her career, Shelly has jumped headfirst into leadership positions in cross-industry marketing and digital worlds, both locally and globally. Her experience has been with startups, political parties, educational institutions, retail, and finance. 

Before founding Philtech, as CEO of Websem, a digital marketing and advertising agency, Shelly transformed all aspects of the organizations from finance, to strategy, and operations, introducing entrepreneurial and innovative approaches for growth and profitability. 

Today, Shelly has taken on her newest challenge, along with Amit Marom, understanding it’s time for the social sector to step up, expand its capabilities, and make an impact through technology, innovation, and a fresh growth methodology. 

Shelly holds an MA in digital culture and philosophy and a BA in Behavioral Sciences & Management from TAU, focusing on innovation and management.

Shelly’s other passion is her family. She is married to Udi and mother to Amit, Dor, and Yuli and loves sports, the beach, and the arts. Finally, this is important to note, even on her time off, she is still a multi-tasker as she is an avid bibliophile, reading at least 3 books simultaneously. 

Amit Marom, Co-Founder

Amit, a social entrepreneur, is making a difference in the world. Promoting excellence and collaborations across and between a range of sectors, Amit is bridging gaps among stakeholders in the social-financial arena. 

Amit’s career is paved with social responsibility and philanthropy positions, locallyֿ and internationally with leading nonprofits, stemming from 14 years in the Israeli Paratroopers Brigade as the Assistant to the Defense Attache in Washington DC.

He then pursued an Israeli non-profit, Elem, an organization servicing at-risk youth, as the Development Director. This was his sounding board to work and influence with the philanthropic sector and enhance its social operations based on effective business models. 

Today Amit leads the Marom Group, founded in 2009, and the Marom Foundation, founded in 2011. The Marom Group is a boutique strategy consulting firm providing tailored philanthropic solutions. Its main purpose is to allow clients a clear vision, mission, strategic plans and fully working operations models to ensure their impact is extensive and long-lasting. The Marom Foundation’s focus is to support global social entrepreneurship. 

Amit holds an MBA in Business Administration with a major in Finance, Marketing & Human Resources, and is currently completing his law degree.

He is married to Yafit and is a father to Tsur, Oz, and Yahav. In his free time, Amit is a triathlete, a golfer, and an enthusiastic book collector.  

David Tabacman, Project manager & technology expert

David is our systems and technology expert. He’s passionate about technology, innovation, and social impact.

Throughout his career, David has worked at Hi-Tech companies in data positions, specializing in innovation processes and methodologies. Simultaneously he has been involved in social activism since he was a child at a youth movement and continues until these days.

Today David has decided to bring the tools and methodologies from the Hi-Tech field to social organizations.

David holds a BSc degree in Information Systems from the Tel Aviv Yaffo College.

In his free time, David is a politics and economics enthusiast, a music lover, and a beach addict.

Zoe Katz-Kaplan, Project manager

Zoe is our project manager who is skilled at working with others in a collaborative process to plan and overseeing projects. She is particularly passionate about projects that have high social impact.

Zoe has had a variety of professional experiences, ranging from political peace-building initiatives to psychological research and analysis in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Zoe’s IDF service as a foreign affairs liason for the Israeli Air Force strengthened her interests in psychology and politics. After her honorable discharge, she pursued these interests by conducting advanced psychological research with renowned professors. She further developed her skills in working for educational nonprofit organizations, where she utilized data to create new programs and social media marketing plans. 

Zoe holds a BA from Syracuse University, where she studied psychology and political science. She also holds an MA in Public Policy and Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Tel Aviv University. Zoe is a certified mediator who uses her psychology background to promote cooperation and a positive work environment. 

In her free time, Zoe loves to travel, cook, read, play tennis, and going to the beach with her dog. 


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