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The Senser Foundation & Philtech are excited to invite you to join our first fully-funded course for nonprofit digital leaders.

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Sep-Nov 2024


What to Expect?

Expert guest speakers

Networking opportunities

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The Sessions

All sessions will begin at 9:00 am CT / 5:00 pm Israel time,
and last 3 hours including a break.
The course content is subject to change. Guest speakers will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Wednesday, September 4th

During our introductory session, we will explore trends in the social sector, focusing on the significant role of digital transformation and how to leverage the latest technological developments to change organizational culture.

Wednesday, September 11th

A compelling, memorable, and inspiring story is crucial to a nonprofit’s digital presence and marketing strategy. We will delve into how nonprofits can integrate effective storytelling into their media initiatives to enhance their connections with donors, beneficiaries, communities, and volunteers.

Wednesday, September 18th

The Design Thinking methodology is used to generate innovative ideas, based on the personal needs and experiences of the target audience. We will learn how nonprofits can adopt this method to solve problems and rethink internal work processes – and put it to the test in a workshop!

Wednesday, September 25th

This session will guide participants through the dynamics and implications of social innovation, examining its role in driving positive change within nonprofits and the communities they serve.

Tuesday, October 1st

Beyond helping raise much-needed funds, online crowdfunding campaigns represent a vital communication tool to share your organization’s story and messages with all stakeholders. We will dive into Philtech’s expert tips and best practices for planning, running, and following up on crowdfunding campaigns.

Wednesday, October 30th

Philtech’s CRM experts will lead a session dedicated to organizing, managing, and making the most of your organization’s data using CRM systems. Together, we will dive into how to define your organization’s CRM needs and how to approach the challenge of selecting a CRM system.

Wednesday, November 6th

Data collection and analysis offers key insights into donor, beneficiary, and volunteer behavior, allowing your organization to measure the impact of its activities effectively. Monitoring and evaluation is more than a reporting requirement – it is a crucial and ongoing process that can bring your organizational decision-making processes to the next level.

Wednesday, November 13th

The AI revolution continues, with new possibilities available every day – and nonprofits are no exception. We will explore where we truly stand when it comes to AI amidst the hype, and how your organization can leverage the power of AI to further your mission while maintaining your organization’s unique, human-centered character. We will explore inspiring use cases of AI in the social sector, and receive a technical introduction to deepen our understanding of the hottest trend in tech today.

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Nonprofit Digital Leaders

Eligibility Guidelines

American nonprofits and Israeli nonprofits associated with a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, active in the following areas:

To ensure that all participants are committed to fully engaging with the course and to foster a dedicated learning environment, a nominal participation fee of $100 will be required.

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