Digital Resource Development

The resources you create are key for your growth, infrastructure, and reach. Today these resources need to be digital whether they are to set better infrastructure, enable more transparency for donors, or provide tools to strengthen connections to beneficiaries.  These electronic interfaces allow you to progress faster and more efficiently as well as connect directly, at the click of a button, and gain a broader reach. 

We bring to your table all communication outlets available to maintain and strengthen the bonds with your team, your beneficiaries, and donors. Through fundraising online events, effective email systems, creation or overhaul to the organization’s website, and social media strategy-   we can define and create a plan that works for you.

We will learn what audience-facing services you have or offer and create a plan to transform them digitally

We will prepare a detailed digital transformation plan step by step.

We will utilize designated technologies to implement the online transformation and provide training to your team.

Let’s review your organization’s current digital resources and plan ahead.

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